The Fridget

"Sometimes the craziest ideas are also the dumbest."

“Sometimes the craziest ideas are also the dumbest.”

I’ve got a crazy idea. But it has nothing to do with pulling yourself into the air by your own head. I exhausted all the permutations of that little beauty during one fateful recess back in the third grade. No, I’m talking about an idea so crazy that it just might solve one of the oldest puzzles known to mankind, The Grocery Unload. Which, as we all know, poses a confounding paradox: attempt to unload the car in one trip and your arms will fall off; attempt to unload the car in multiple trips and your arms will also fall off, but this time because they are bored. Legend has it that Socrates himself wrestled with this conundrum for days, gazing at his groceries, which were lashed to the rump of his donkey, Barnaby, from the front steps of his mondominium (mud condominium). Eventually, he decided to attempt the unload in one trip, but knew he would need energy, so he reached for his favorite energy drink, Blue Minotaur, only to mistakenly grab Caffeine-Free Poison Hemlock, which came in a similarly designed clay bottle, drank it, and died. His neglected groceries were eaten by cicadas, but, happily, Barnaby was saved, and lived his remaining days in a quiet little- Sorry. I’m off topic. Back to my idea: The Fridget. The world’s first refrigerator car. It’s half SmartCar, half SubZero, and fully loaded with power windows, moonroof, vegetable crisper, and in-door ice and water dispenser. With The Fridget, you’ll never have to unload groceries ever again. Just make sure you bundle up when you drive it. Because it’s an actual refrigerator.


8 thoughts on “The Fridget

  1. Well, here in sunny Western New York, our cars are already refrigerators this time of year. I often shop for groceries (including ice cream and frozen microwave dinners) on my way into work on the morning and then just leave them in the trunk, knowing the frozen items will still be solidly frozen when I go home at lunch time and unload them. Yes, there are some advantages to winter.



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