Cat About Town

"Won't ya'll let me in? I'm real friendly-like."

“Won’t ya’ll let me in? I’m real friendly-like.”

I think New Cat is cheating on us. Last week, I saw her paw at the front door of the neighbors across the street. A few moments later, the door opened, and New Cat strutted inside like she was walking into the lobby of a five star hotel. I didn’t think much of it, until a few days later, when I saw her paw at the kitchen window of the neighbors next door. Sure enough, the window opened, and New Cat gracefully stepped inside like she was climbing onto a yacht. At this point, I was really starting to suspect that she wasn’t 100% committed to being a one-family cat, although I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. “She’s just checking their homes for rats” and “She’s just ones of those cats that gets easily confused because they’re kinda dumb” were two pieces of flimsy reassurance I fed myself. That’s when a third neighbor knocked on our door to return some mistakenly delivered mail. “That New Cat is over our house all the time! She’s quite a character!” My mug of coffee floated towards the kitchen floor like a satellite knocked off its orbit by a juicy piece of space gossip. Ever since, I’ve found it difficult to look New Cat in the eye, especially when she waltzes into our house reeking of a brand of kibble Wife and I are not familiar with. [single tear]


11 thoughts on “Cat About Town

  1. I don’t dislike cats, but prefer dogs. I feel a cat owns you, and goes to whoever feeds it the best grub, offers the warmest room, or the softest cushion. Look at it this way, you’re saving on food bills.


  2. I feel your angst. I have a crazy little black girl cat that likes to wander the neighborhood. (All three of my cats are wanderers, but the other two will just go out for a couple hours, then come to the front door to be let back in). My youngest one, she was gone for about two weeks one time. I had given up hope, and started accepting she was gone……..when she showed up at the front door. She was nice and clean and fat and groomed!!! I felt so betrayed……… I think she knew, since she has never done it again.


  3. Will, is the instagram photo currently up on the page of Cat or New Cat? If New Cat, I see he/she is orange, which basically explains this behavior. Orange cats have “Orange Cat Syndrome” which means they are pretty much unpredictable, always in trouble, and always getting into something.


  4. Well Will, that’s why dogs are the domestic fur partner of choice. I’m not a cat person though I did have Mimi-the great and powerful black feline. I enjoyed Mimi because she acted like a dog: She came whenever I called for her and she did an awesome dancing dog. I’m sorry about the New Cat. Cats hide their true feeling down deep in their litter boxes. I’m sure New Cat really loves and appreciates you and your wife. Oh, by the way great post thanks again for making me hiss, oops, I mean chuckle.


  5. We too have a cat that has become the community cat, but our cat has to travel pretty far to our neighbor’s house…all our neighbors are 2 miles or further away, but as my husband or I head out to town we will see Miss Kitty in one of our neighbor’s house, or when we see our neighbor’s they comment on our cat visiting…lol.



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