A Curtain Kind of Genius

"The perfect complement to a beautiful piece of antique furniture."

“The perfect complement to a beautiful piece of antique furniture.”

I’m a genius. But not because I can solve a Rubik’s Cube while you are blindfolded. Although that truly is a sight to not behold. No, the reason I am self-diagnosing myself as a card-carrying member of the genius genus is that last night I executed an unprecedented maneuver of resourcefulness so brilliant even Cat was impressed: I nailed my bathrobe to the bedroom window. Why I would do such a thing? Well, while you’re at it, why not ask Michelangelo why he painted the Statue of Liberty? Why not ask Einstein why he made all those bagels? I’ll tell you why, because us geniuses don’t need reasons to do the things we do. We just do them, and before you know it we’re household names and people are naming their pet iguanas after us. That’s how it works. But if you absolutely must know the reason I nailed my bathrobe to the bedroom window – which, of course you do, because so far nothing I’ve written has been grounded in reality – it was because Wife and I have been too lazy to install a proper curtain. To be fair to myself, this wasn’t a problem until recently, when the moon decided to hit our bedroom with the high-beams. But now sleeping is nigh-impossible. So I did what any abnormal husband would do: I blotted out the moon’s fury with my bathrobe like it was a plush purple polar bear’s pelt. I wonder how long it will take for the neighbors to notice?


10 thoughts on “A Curtain Kind of Genius

  1. An honest man, an honestly funny guy. Thank you for making me smile. Your blog is one of those that brightens without blotting out – oops, except the bathrobe in the window thing. So blot on humorous blogger…I will follow when in need of a laugh which is almost daily.
    newbie blogger


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  3. Yep, that sounds about right. My hubby, who apparently is also a genius, takes the cloth shower curtain and drags it across the bathroom window because he thinks someone might be able to see through the blinds. Good thing the shower curtain also has a plastic liner, or I’d be really annoyed. (Heaven forbid I should hang an actual window curtain in there!)



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