The Fancy Shampoo Fairy

"This could be an award-winning advertising campaign."

“This could be an award-winning advertising campaign.”

I must still be dreaming. Either that, or The Fancy Shampoo Fairy paid our shower a visit during the night. Then again, I stopped believing in him (hey, why can’t The Fancy Shampoo Fairy be a guy?) moons ago. But…wait…what’s this? Matching fancy conditioner? Maybe he does really exist! See, ever since Wife and I got serious about monthly budget tracking, we’ve been unable to justify splurging on high-end shampoo and conditioner when the generic crap works just as well. For example, the past several weeks I have been washing my glorious golden globe with Minnie Mouse 3 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner and Body Wash. Sure, my hair smells like an expired bubblegum air freshener and feels like I’m holding hands with a scarecrow, but our bottom line has never looked more handsome. Speaking of which, is anyone working on a 10+ in 1 product that will tackle multiple grooming and home maintenance tasks at once? You could brush your teeth, regrout the tub, brush your cats’ teeth, wash your car, spice up a sandwich, seal your garage, and moisturize your elbows all from the same tube! They do it with razor blades–why can’t they do it with shampoo? Ah, look at me. Here I am daydreaming in the shower and I haven’t even washed my hair yet. Guess I’ll try the fancy stuff! [Wife hears cap POP open from the basement, YELLS up the stairs] Oh. I see now. Wife’s friend is visiting this weekend.



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