New Cat

"Not that one, honey, the bigger one."

“Not that one, honey, the bigger one.”

It’s a girl!

At least, I think it’s a girl. That’s a girl, right? OK, yes, it’s a girl.

Wife and I are at worldwide pet store franchise, GloboPet (name changed to keep Big Pet off my case), picking up the newest furry addition to our family: New Cat.

The best part? Cat has no clue.

He’s probably at home, stretched across the couch like a lump on a log, daydreaming about how quaint and hilarious it is that his human slaves work day and night just to keep the house they bought for him up and running. Little does he know that, at this very moment, we’re getting to know a sweet little tortoiseshell who – get this – doesn’t bite you when you pet her!

I can’t wait to see the smug grin evaporate from Cat’s face when I stride through the door with New Cat. “The party’s over, hot shot,” I’ll say, stroking New Cat’s fuzzy belly as she lays supine in my arms like a newborn baby, purring.

Realizing he’s no longer king of the castle, Cat will BEG me for forgiveness. He’ll do anything. He’ll even let me rub the underside of his chin for as long as I want, without losing a finger!

Yep, once Cat comes face to face with New Cat, things will be different. Things will be better.


Eh, I guess we’ll find out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to find the bag of kibble we’ve got a coupon for while Wife fills out the adoption paperwork. Oh. Good. There are only five hundred different kinds to comb through.


18 thoughts on “New Cat

  1. So, what happened? I am beginning to get slightly nervous about it…. Are you still alive? Is it only your nose that is scratched by Cat?


  2. Kittens are SO much fun and SO darned cute! Cat (The Original) might give the expected attitude for a bit but it’s all for show. Congrats on your new baby – enjoy these next few months, because she will grow up one day and give you twice the attitude that Cat does now. Because that’s what girls do.


  3. We recently added a new kitten to our already one kitten home. I was hoping it would induce positive changes in kitten #1 but 3 weeks in, not so much. There was a lot of hissing, growling and general furry upset but after a very long week, they are now the best of friends and kitten #1 is enjoying teaching #2 everything she catches hell for. It’s great fun, unless it happens to be 3:30am, then not so much 😛

    Congratulations on the new addition!!


  4. Cat 1 will not like you. Cat 1 will sulk. Cat 2 will not care and will pounce on Cat 1. They will like each other. You will have to work hard on Cat 1. When we had only one cat there came a time I had to out her majesty in a cattery. Half way to our destination the lady called me to tell me that I would have to pay for a single room for said cat, as she seemed unaware that she was a cat or that other cats existed at all.



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