The Bobby Pin of Evidence

Unsolved mystery.

It’s a mystery. No, I’m not talking about how toilet water stays put in the bowl, I’m talking about the presence of hundreds of thousands of tiny instruments of seemingly alien origin in my home and car. I have no idea how they got here, or what their creator’s intent was. All I know is that we are dealing with a mystifying invasion of small metallic clips with duel bulbous prongs and a single serrated shaft. Perhaps they operate some sort of Mayan Death Clock when fully assembled? Or are they micro listening devices planted by the government of some small island nation who took offense to one of my blogs and is plotting their revenge by slowly learning my greatest fears and then exploiting them? Now, I’m no Betting Octopus, but if you put two sticks, one red and one black, respectively representing the aforementioned possible explanations for this phenomenon, I would probably grab the black one with my tentacles. Or would I grab the red one? Aren’t octopi colorblind? I’m getting off topic here. Seriously, if anyone has any Hot Leads as to what these strange objects are, and what they are doing in my personal space, please enlighten me in the comments below. I don’t want to be one of those tin foil hat wearing conspiracy kooks, but I’m starting to feel paranoid. Also, the saran-wrap hat I’m wearing (to prevent brain hacking) is really uncomfortable.


14 thoughts on “The Bobby Pin of Evidence

  1. I don’t understand how mine end up everywhere. They should be in the bathroom drawer, on the dresser or in my gym bag. Nowhere else. But somehow they end up EVERYWHERE. Just don’t suck one up with the vacuum. 12 months down the track you (or in my case, my mum) will pull apart the no longer sucking vacuum to find a years worth of hair, fluff and dust clogging an internal hose with a bobby pin jammed across it….it will have deviously collected anything that passed building to the vacuum death.


  2. Ah yes, the great bobby pin mystery. I like to put them in the same category as socks. You keep buying them and they keep disappearing. However, bobby pins are always around until you need them, then… “poof” …gone.


  3. They are a great mystery you are correct. I like to put them in the same category as socks. You keep buying them, and somehow they just disappear. However, with bobby pins, they are everywhere until you need them, and then “poof” gone…


  4. I say ask your lovely wife about the appearance of these mysterious objects. Women “know.” Also, I tend to lose objects like these and they can come in handy for a girl, so save them for your wife, she will appreciate it.



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